Aviron Rower Review: What I Love, What I Hate (2023)

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Whether you’re new to the world of fitness or a seasoned pro, finding the right exercise equipment can be a daunting task. Among the plethora of options, rowing machines have gained popularity for their ability to offer a full-body workout, and Aviron is a name that continually pops up as a top contender. But is it worth your time and money? Let’s dive into a detailed review of Aviron to find out.

Aviron Key Highlights

#1 Gaming Rower
aviron square
9.7/10Our Score
  • Interactive touchscreen
  • Multi-player games and challenges
  • Automatic Resistance
  • 2 Models to Pick From
  • Motivating & Engaging
  • 15 Minute HIIT Workouts
  • Supportive Community
  • Great for Beginners

Our Aviron Review Process and Why You Can Trust Us

Our review process is thorough, meticulous, and unbiased to ensure we provide you with the most accurate and valuable information about the Aviron rowing machines. Here’s a deeper look at our methods and why you can trust our review.

Hands-On Experience

First and foremost, we have personally used Aviron rowers for several weeks to get a firsthand experience of what they offer. We did not simply rely on manufacturers’ claims or specifications listed online. Our team has put in the hours of rowing, testing all the features, settings, and programs to understand how these machines perform in real-world conditions.

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We started from unpacking the box to assembling the unit, and then progressing through a multitude of workouts and functions available on the rower. This hands-on experience allows us to critically evaluate the machine’s performance, durability, and user-friendliness.

Expert Consultation

To add to our knowledge and understanding, we consulted with fitness experts, personal trainers, and physiotherapists. Their professional insights helped us assess the effectiveness of Aviron rowers in achieving various fitness goals and how they compare with other rowing machines on the market. They also provided valuable advice on the safety aspects and proper usage techniques of these rowers.

User Reviews

Beyond our own experience and expert consultations, we scoured the internet to find reviews and feedback from actual users of Aviron rowers. We read hundreds of reviews from verified customers on various platforms, including fitness forums, retail websites, and social media groups. This broad perspective helps us understand the experiences of a diverse group of users, from fitness beginners to seasoned athletes.

Balanced and Unbiased Assessment

One crucial aspect of our review process is that we are not affiliated with Aviron or any other fitness equipment manufacturer. Our primary aim is to provide you with impartial advice that will help you make the best possible decision for your fitness journey. We are not influenced by any commercial interests, and we do not accept payment for positive reviews. This independence allows us to highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of the Aviron rowers.

Continuous Updates

Finally, our review is not a one-time affair. We continue to monitor the experiences of Aviron users, any product updates from the manufacturer, and the overall market trends. We regularly update our review to ensure it remains accurate, relevant, and useful.

In conclusion, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive, rigorous, and unbiased review process. You can trust our reviews because they are based on firsthand experiences, expert consultations, a wide range of user feedback, and a commitment to impartiality and continuous learning. We aim to provide you with a clear, detailed, and trustworthy assessment of Aviron rowers to help guide your fitness equipment purchasing decisions.

Aviron Rower Overview

a side profile pic of the Strong Series Rower

Before diving into a detailed exploration of Aviron rowers, here are some key highlights that set these machines apart:

  • Interactive Touchscreen: A 22-inch HD touchscreen offers an immersive, interactive workout experience.
  • Advanced Technology: From live competitions to on-demand workouts, Aviron rowers are packed with advanced features that provide a unique, engaging rowing experience.
  • High Build Quality: Aviron rowers are built with high-grade materials, featuring a sturdy frame, a smooth rowing mechanism, and a comfortable seat, ensuring longevity and a great workout experience.
  • Variety of Workouts: Aviron offers a plethora of workouts, including strength training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), endurance training, and more.
  • Dual Resistance Modes: Aviron rowers offer both air and magnetic resistance modes, making them suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and goals.
  • Competition and Games: The machine offers a gamified experience where users can compete against each other or partake in rowing games, making workouts fun and engaging.
  • Ergonomically Designed: Aviron rowers are designed to be comfortable and customizable to suit the user’s body type and workout style.
  • Compact and Movable: Despite their solid build, Aviron rowers are compact enough for home use and feature built-in transport wheels for easy storage.

Building upon these highlights, Aviron rowers are technologically advanced machines designed to elevate the rowing experience. Aviron has two main models on the market: the Impact Series and the Strong Series.

The Impact Series is designed for residential use. Despite being an at-home model, it doesn’t cut corners on quality or features. The machine boasts a robust structure with an aluminium rail and steel frame that guarantees durability. It is powered by both air and magnetic resistance, offering a smooth, realistic rowing experience that can be tailored to various workout intensities.

The 22-inch HD touchscreen is one of the standout features of the Impact Series. It’s your gateway to a myriad of interactive experiences, including real-time competitions, engaging games, scenic rows, and on-demand workouts led by professional coaches.

The Strong Series, on the other hand, is designed for commercial use. It incorporates all the features of the Impact Series, but with an enhanced structure for greater durability and longevity. Built to withstand rigorous daily use in a gym or fitness studio, the Strong Series is the epitome of high-grade craftsmanship and innovative technology.

Both the Impact and Strong Series take rowing workouts to the next level by integrating competition, entertainment, and comprehensive fitness programming. The result is a machine that doesn’t just provide a workout but creates an experience – transforming the way you view indoor rowing.

What I Love About the Aviron (Pros)

After thoroughly testing and reviewing the Aviron rowers, there are several aspects that stand out and make these machines particularly impressive:

  • Interactive Workouts: Aviron’s interactive workouts provide a unique and immersive experience that makes fitness fun. You can compete with others in real-time, row through scenic routes, and participate in challenges that add an element of entertainment to your workouts.
  • Quality Build: The robust and sturdy build quality of the Aviron rowers truly stands out. Constructed with durable materials, these machines are built to last and can withstand intense workout sessions.
  • Dual Resistance System: The combination of air and magnetic resistance is a brilliant feature. It not only offers a realistic rowing experience but also allows you to customize the resistance to your liking, suiting various fitness levels and workout intensities.
  • Variety of Programs: The diverse range of programs and workouts is another big plus. Whether you’re into HIIT, endurance training, strength training, or just casual rowing, there’s something for everyone.
  • Large Touchscreen Display: The 22-inch HD touchscreen display takes the workout experience to another level. It’s not just large and clear; it’s the central hub for all the interactive features that Aviron offers.
  • Ergonomic Design: From the adjustable footrests to the comfortable seat and handlebar, Aviron rowers are ergonomically designed, ensuring comfort and efficiency throughout your workout sessions.
  • Gamified Experience: The gaming aspect of Aviron is a unique feature that makes workouts enjoyable. The competitive games not only provide a fun element but also motivate you to push harder.
  • Space-Efficient: Despite the robust build and full-length rail, Aviron rowers are surprisingly compact. They can be easily moved and stored, making them suitable for home use, even if you’re short on space.

These are some of the standout features that make Aviron rowers a worthwhile investment. They combine durability, interactive technology, and a high-quality rowing experience into one package, making fitness not just a routine, but an exciting part of your day.

Helpful Tips to Help Get You Started with the Aviron

a side shot of the Touch Series rower from Aviron

Setting up and using your new Aviron rower can be exciting, but it’s also important to start right. Here are some useful tips that can help make your introduction to Aviron a smooth and effective one:

  • Check Your Space: Before setting up your Aviron rower, ensure you have ample space. Consider the machine’s dimensions and also factor in some additional space for movement around the machine for safe and comfortable workouts.
  • Assemble Correctly: While the assembly process for Aviron rowers is straightforward, take your time to ensure all parts are securely fastened and correctly positioned. Follow the instruction manual closely.
  • Understand the Controls: Familiarize yourself with the machine’s controls and interface before starting. Understand how to adjust resistance, switch between modes, and navigate the touchscreen display.
  • Start Slow: If you’re new to rowing, start with a lower resistance and slower pace to avoid overstraining yourself. Gradually increase the intensity as you build strength and stamina.
  • Proper Form is Key: Like any exercise, proper form is crucial when using a rowing machine. Make sure you understand the correct rowing technique – the catch, drive, finish, and recovery. Incorrect form could lead to inefficient workouts or even injuries.
  • Hydrate and Stretch: Ensure you’re well-hydrated before and after workouts. Also, include a good stretch or warm-up before you start rowing, and cool down after to prevent muscle stiffness.
  • Try Different Workouts: The Aviron rower offers a range of workouts. Don’t stick to one program. Try different workouts to keep your routine varied and exciting. Remember, it’s not just about rowing – Aviron offers strength training, HIIT workouts, and more.
  • Join the Community: Aviron has an active user community. Participating in it can be a great way to stay motivated, share experiences, get useful tips, and enjoy some friendly competition.

Remember, the goal is to make your workouts an enjoyable part of your lifestyle. Starting right, maintaining proper form, and keeping your routine diverse and engaging are crucial to achieving this with your new Aviron rower.

Downsides I Noticed

While the Aviron rowers impress with their advanced features, high-quality build, and diverse workout options, they are not without their downsides. Here are some of the negatives we’ve observed during our review:

  • Price: The most obvious downside of the Aviron rowers is their price. These machines are positioned at the higher end of the market, making them potentially out of reach for some users.
  • Complexity: While the advanced features and interactive options are a highlight for many users, some might find the amount of technology overwhelming. Those looking for a simple, straightforward rower may be put off by the array of settings and options.
  • Subscription Service: To access many of the interactive features and workouts, you need to subscribe to Aviron’s monthly service. While this subscription provides access to a plethora of workouts and services, it’s an additional ongoing cost to consider.
  • Customer Service: Based on some user feedback, Aviron’s customer service can sometimes be less responsive than desired. While this isn’t a universal experience, and many users report positive interactions, there are enough comments to make it worth mentioning.
  • Size: Despite being relatively compact for a rowing machine, the Aviron models are still fairly large pieces of fitness equipment. Users with limited space might find the machines too large for their homes.
  • Dependence on Electricity: Unlike some rowers that are purely mechanical, the Aviron requires an electrical connection to power its screen and resistance system. This restricts where you can place it and means it won’t be usable during power outages.

It’s important to note that these downsides don’t necessarily outweigh the many benefits of the Aviron rowers.

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However, they are factors to consider when deciding whether these machines are the right choice for your fitness journey.

Aviron Pricing Options

Impact Series Pricing

The Impact Series comes in several different packages – these were the prices at the time of publication:

  • Impact Series Rower: $1899
  • Impact Performance Package: $1999
  • Impact Premium Package: $2084

Strong Series Pricing

The Strong Series also has several buying options – here the prices and package choices at the time of publication:

  • Strong Series Rower: $2199
  • Strong Performance Package: $2299
  • Strong Premium Package: $2469

Aviron also has accessories and subscription bundles available for purchase – learn more and check current pricing at their website: 

Is it Worth it?

Considering the build quality, immersive experience, and variety of workouts, Aviron rowers are worth the price, especially for those who are looking for a fun and competitive way to stay fit.

Who Should Consider the Aviron?

The Aviron rower is a versatile and advanced fitness machine, but it isn’t necessarily for everyone. Here are the types of individuals who may find the Aviron particularly beneficial:

  • Tech-Savvy Fitness Enthusiasts: With its interactive touchscreen, live competitions, and gamified workout experiences, the Aviron is perfect for those who embrace technology in their fitness routine.
  • Competitive Individuals: If you love the idea of competing against others, Aviron’s live competition and leaderboard features will be right up your alley. Competing against others or your personal best can be a powerful motivator.
  • Users Seeking Variety: If you easily get bored with repetitive workouts, the diverse range of workout programs, games, and experiences that Aviron offers will keep you engaged and excited for your next session.
  • Those Looking for Full-Body Workouts: Rowing is a comprehensive exercise that works out your whole body, from your legs to your core to your upper body. If you’re looking for a single machine that can provide a full-body workout, Aviron could be a great choice.
  • People who Enjoy Tracking Progress: Aviron’s touchscreen doesn’t just provide entertainment; it also allows you to track your progress, monitor your performance, and set personal goals.
  • High-End Fitness Equipment Lovers: The Aviron is not a budget rower. It’s a high-end machine, both in terms of cost and features. If you appreciate premium fitness equipment and are willing to invest for quality, the Aviron is worth considering.

However, your individual fitness goals, budget, and preferences will ultimately determine whether the Aviron rower is the best choice for you. Be sure to consider these aspects before making your decision.

Who Should Consider a Different Rower?

While the Aviron offers a multitude of exciting features and advanced technology, it may not be the best fit for everyone. Here are a few types of users who might want to consider an alternative rowing machine:

  • Budget-Conscious Users: The Aviron rowers are on the pricier side of the market, which may not suit those on a tighter budget. There are more affordable rowers on the market that, while not as feature-rich as the Aviron, still provide a solid workout.
  • Users Seeking Simplicity: For those who prefer a straightforward, no-frills workout experience, the technological sophistication of the Aviron rower might be overwhelming. Some individuals might prefer a more traditional, simple rowing machine.
  • People with Limited Space: Although Aviron rowers are designed with space efficiency in mind, they still require a fair amount of room. If you’re tight on space, a smaller, more compact rower might be more suitable.
  • Those Without a Stable Internet Connection: A lot of Aviron’s features, like live workouts and leaderboards, rely on a stable internet connection. If your internet is unreliable or slow, you may not be able to make full use of these features.
  • Users Who Dislike Subscription Models: To make the most of Aviron’s features, you need to subscribe to their monthly service. If you’re not keen on the idea of a monthly subscription on top of the upfront cost, another rower might be a better fit.

Ultimately, the choice of a rower should be based on your personal preferences, budget, fitness goals, and living situation. It’s important to consider these factors and compare different machines before deciding on the one that best suits your needs.

Aviron Rower Size and Specs

Strong Series Rower

  • 22″ HD Rotating Touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 84” x 27” x 48” (L x W x H)
  • Upright Storage Dimensions: 35” x 27” x 83” (L x W x H)
  • Weight Limit: 507 LBS.
  • Height Limit: Approx. 6’8″
  • Rower Weight: 114 LBS

Impact Series Rower

  • 22″ HD Rotating Touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 97″ x 21″ x 43″ (L x W x H)
  • Folded Storage Dimensions: 54″ x 21″ x 62″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight Limit: 397 LBS.
  • Height Limit: Approx. 6’7″
  • Rower Weight: 97 LBS

Getting Started with Your Aviron

Congratulations on your new Aviron rower! Here’s what you can expect as you get started:

Out of the Box

Your Aviron rower will arrive in a large box with all of the components securely packaged to prevent any damage during transit. Inside the box, you’ll find the main body of the rower, the front and rear stabilizers, the rail, the seat, the handle, the touchscreen monitor, and a box containing the power adapter, assembly tools, and other small parts.


Assembling your Aviron rower is a straightforward process, though it might require an extra set of hands due to the size and weight of some components.

  1. Stabilizer Installation: Begin by attaching the front and rear stabilizers to the main body. These provide stability to the machine during workouts.
  2. Rail and Seat Installation: Attach the rail to the main body and slide the seat onto the rail. Ensure the rail is secure and the seat slides smoothly.
  3. Handle and Footrest Installation: Attach the handle to the main body, ensuring that it moves freely on the cord. Install the adjustable footrests as well, customizing them to your shoe size.
  4. Monitor Installation: Finally, attach the touchscreen monitor to the front of the rower. Make sure all the connections are secure and that the screen is positioned for comfortable viewing.

Follow the instructions provided in the manual closely. Remember, if you’re unsure about anything, it’s better to reach out to Aviron’s customer service than to risk improper installation.

Your First Workout

Once your Aviron rower is set up, it’s time for your first workout. Before you begin, ensure you are familiar with the basic rowing technique to maximize effectiveness and avoid injury.

Turn on the touchscreen monitor and create your user profile. This will help track your progress over time. Take some time to navigate through the various menus, getting to know the interface and various features offered.

Start with a basic rowing workout to get a feel for the machine. Adjust the resistance to a comfortable level and try rowing at a moderate pace for about 15 minutes. Listen to your body and do not push too hard on your first few sessions.

Finally, cool down after your workout and clean your machine to keep it in top shape. Enjoy your journey with Aviron! It’s a fun, interactive way to achieve your fitness goals.

The “Gamified” Aviron Workout Experience

choosing the game on the Aviron touchscreen

One of the most innovative and exciting aspects of the Aviron rower is the gamified workout experience. Aviron transforms the usual fitness routine into an interactive, engaging, and competitive game-like experience that keeps users motivated and entertained. Here’s a look at what this entails:


Aviron comes with a series of games designed to make your workouts more fun and challenging. These games, such as “Meteor,” “Tank Battle,” and “Space Race,” have you control various elements through your rowing actions, turning your workouts into an interactive gaming experience.


The Aviron interface allows you to stream a variety of workout programs and challenges. These are continually updated, ensuring that your workout experience remains fresh and engaging.

Coached Programs

Aviron provides a range of coached programs where professional trainers guide you through various workout routines. These programs are designed to cater to different fitness levels and goals, and the on-screen coaches not only provide instruction but also motivation and encouragement.

Power Play

In Power Play mode, you can participate in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions. These workouts are short but extremely effective, providing both cardiovascular and strength training benefits.

Scenic Rowing

With Aviron, you can virtually row in some of the most beautiful locations around the world. From tranquil lakes to bustling cityscapes, the HD display transports you to different locations, providing a visually pleasing backdrop to your workouts.

Live Competition

One of the unique features of Aviron is the ability to compete against others in real-time. You can join races with users from around the world, competing for the top spots on the leaderboard. This feature provides a great sense of community and adds an extra level of motivation to push harder.

Guided Programs

These programs provide a structured approach to your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve your endurance, there are guided programs designed by professional trainers to help you reach your objectives.

Pros vs Joes

In “Pros vs Joes” mode, you can compete against pre-recorded times from professional athletes and see how you stack up. This offers a challenging workout and a benchmark to strive for in your fitness journey.

These game-like elements, combined with the interactive technology, make workouts on the Aviron rower more entertaining and engaging. Not only does this make your exercise time more enjoyable, but it also encourages consistent use, leading to better results.

Rower Build and Durability

When investing in a premium fitness machine like the Aviron rower, it’s essential to consider the build quality and durability. Here, Aviron does not disappoint.

Both the Impact and Strong Series are built with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand heavy use, reflecting their premium positioning in the fitness market. They are not just built to last, but also to deliver optimal performance during their lifespan.

Frame and Construction

The frame of the Aviron rowers is made from heavy-duty steel, providing a solid and stable base for your workouts. This robust construction ensures the machine can withstand intense sessions, day in, day out, while also providing the necessary stability to prevent wobbling or shaking during use.

Resistance Mechanism

The rowers use a combination of air and magnetic resistance to create a smooth, natural rowing motion. This system not only mimics the feel of rowing on water but also ensures longevity as it has fewer moving parts that can wear out over time.

Seat and Handle

The ergonomically designed seat and handle add to the durability and user comfort. The seat glides smoothly along the rail and is built to withstand regular use without compromising on comfort. The handle is robust and designed to endure repeated strain without fraying or breaking.


The footrests are adjustable and sturdy, accommodating different foot sizes and ensuring secure placement during your workouts. Their robust construction means they won’t wear easily, even with frequent adjustments.

Touchscreen Monitor

The high-definition touchscreen monitor is also built to last. It’s bright, responsive, and designed to withstand frequent use.

Overall, the Aviron rowers offer a solid build that promises durability and longevity. The use of high-quality materials and superior construction means that with proper care, these rowers will serve you well for many years.

Storage Options

Folding the Aviron to store it

As a piece of home fitness equipment, it’s important to consider how the Aviron rower can be stored when not in use. The Aviron rowers are designed with home users in mind and feature convenient storage options to help you maximize your space.

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It’s also important to note that there is a big difference between the storage options between the Impact and Strong Series rowers – if space and storage are issues for you, then you’ll probably want to consider the impact series, as it can be folded and stored out of the way.

Upright Storage (Strong Series Rowers)

The Aviron Strong Series rowers can be easily stored upright, which is a huge space-saving feature. When in the upright position, the rower occupies only a small footprint, making it ideal for users with limited space. The machine’s design ensures it’s stable when stored upright, so you don’t have to worry about it toppling over.

Folding Storage (Impact Series Rowers)

The Impact Series features a patented folding mechanism, making it the ideal choice for people who need to be able to quickly and easily fold their rower up and roll it out of the way.

Easy Mobility

Both the Impact and Strong Series are equipped with built-in transport wheels at the front of the machine. This means you can easily move the rower around your home when you need to. Whether you want to move it in front of the TV for a workout or push it to a corner for storage, the transport wheels make the job easy.

Compact Design

In comparison to some other types of fitness equipment, rowers are relatively compact, and the Aviron rowers are no exception. While they do require some space during use, their ability to be stored upright means they take up minimal space when not in use.


While the Aviron rower offers convenient storage options, it’s important to note that it’s still a large piece of equipment. Before buying, you should ensure you have enough space to use and store the machine comfortably. Keep in mind that you’ll need enough room to move the machine around safely when moving it for storage or use.

Overall, the Aviron rowers offer great flexibility when it comes to storage. The upright storage and easy mobility make them a practical choice for home use, even if you’re tight on space.

What Aviron Customers Are Saying

The majority of Aviron users have positive things to say. They praise the build quality, interactive features, and workout variety, although a few customers had issues with customer service and price.

Here are a few verified reviews we wanted to share here: 

“So far so good w/ my new Aviron Rower! I love the different features that it offers to work out to. There are so many different things to chose from. The ONLY thing I see that I wish would change is in todays world, the graphics of the games are more like video games of the 80’s. Even w/ that though, it takes your mind off of actually working out & it challenges you to complete the task/game. Hopefully the graphics will catch up to 2023 to make it even more AWESOME!!”

“I have only had this rower for 2 months and have hit milestones of 250k meters, 20+ hours, and a fantastic increase in my split time! Between the fun games, guided workouts, and ability to row while watching my favorite shows, it’s very addicting and has helped me to exercise significantly more than I have in the past. I even get up Saturday and Sunday mornings to row now! I’m very happy with my purchase and plan to continue rowing my heart out.”

“I’m so glad I got this rower. I started rowing at a gym many years ago but stopped going to the gym last year. On a whim, I bought this Aviron and became obsessed with the games that combine fun with training. I received my rower in March and since April I’ve lost 15lbs (along with diet). I’m so very happy with my purchase. The ability to get up most days and row in my living room instead of driving to a gym is just pure bliss. The machine is smooth, it’s integrated with Spotify and Hulu, it tracks more metrics than I know of, and I discover something new all the time. If you’re contemplating buying one, just do it, I wish I had MONTHS prior to when I finally purchased it.”

Final Verdict

The Aviron rower is a premium piece of fitness equipment that offers a unique and immersive workout experience. It’s robust, feature-packed, and entertaining. However, it’s not the cheapest option, and its advanced features might not appeal to everyone. If you value quality, enjoy competition, and are willing to pay for a high-end experience, then the Aviron could be a perfect choice.