Echelon Rower Reviews: Is it Worth the Price? (2023)

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Echelon Fitness is a brand known for delivering high-quality, connected fitness equipment and experiences. They have a wide range of products, from spin bikes and treadmills to their latest addition, the Echelon Row. This piece will offer an in-depth look into two of their rowing machines: the Echelon Row and the Echelon Row-s. For anyone considering adding a rower to their home gym setup, this review should provide all the essential information needed to make an informed decision.

Echelon Row Review Highlights

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  • Live + On Demand Workouts
  • Stay Motivated
  • Awesome Community
  • Row Around the World
  • Convient Resistance Controls
  • Rotating Screen
  • Compact & Portable

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Echelon Row Key Features and Highlights

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The Echelon Row and Row-s boast an impressive array of features that make them excellent choices for a home rowing machine.

Here are some of their standout features:

  • Live and On-Demand Classes: The Echelon Fit app offers a wide range of live and on-demand classes, giving users access to workouts that can cater to a variety of fitness goals.
  • 32 Levels of Magnetic Resistance: With 32 levels to choose from, users can customize their workout intensity. This range of options caters to beginners and seasoned athletes alike.
  • Comfort-Oriented Design: Both models feature ergonomic handles, adjustable footplates, and a padded seat to ensure user comfort during intense workouts.
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation: The rowers use a magnetic resistance system that ensures a smooth, quiet rowing motion. This is particularly useful for those who prefer to exercise without disturbing others.
  • Foldable Design: The Echelon Row and Row-s are designed with space-saving in mind. They can easily be folded and transported on built-in wheels for easy storage.
  • Robust Frame: The rowers are built with a sturdy steel frame, enhancing their durability and stability during workouts.
  • Connected Experience: The rowers connect to the Echelon Fit app, where users can track their progress, compete with friends, and explore new workouts.
  • HD Touchscreen/Adjustable Tablet Holder: The Echelon Row-s comes with a 22″ HD touchscreen, while the Echelon Row has an adjustable tablet holder, allowing you to use your own device.
  • Scenic Workouts (Row-s): Exclusive to the Row-s model, scenic workouts let you virtually row in various locations around the world for an immersive experience.

These features combine to deliver a comprehensive, connected, and enjoyable workout experience.

Echelon Row Model Options

Echelon Row-s

a side profile of the Echelon Row-s

The Echelon Row-s is the more advanced of the two models, packed with premium features that make it stand out:

  • 22” HD Touchscreen: A standout feature is the 22” HD touchscreen that enhances the interactive experience with live and on-demand classes.
  • 180-Degree Swivel: The screen swivels 180 degrees, a convenient feature for off-rower workouts, allowing for full-body routines beyond rowing.
  • Scenic Workouts: The Row-s offers scenic workouts that provide an immersive experience, letting you virtually row in various locations around the world.
  • Standard Features: The Row-s also includes all the standard features such as 32 levels of magnetic resistance, foldable design, and connectivity with the Echelon Fit app.

Echelon Row

a side shot Echelon Row

The Echelon Row is a more budget-friendly option, which maintains the core features of the Echelon experience:

  • Adjustable Tablet Holder: Instead of a dedicated screen, the Row model features an adjustable tablet holder, letting you use your own device for accessing the Echelon Fit app.
  • Cost-Effective: The Echelon Row provides a cost-effective solution for those who already own a tablet or smartphone, offering the same build quality and features as the Row-s, minus the screen and scenic workouts.
  • Standard Features: The Row includes 32 levels of magnetic resistance, a comfortable design with ergonomic handles, adjustable footplates, and a padded seat, as well as the foldable design for easy storage.

Both models offer a comprehensive workout experience. The choice between the two would largely depend on budget and personal preferences, particularly around the need for a dedicated screen and scenic workouts.

How Much Does Echelon Row Cost?

Echelon Row-s Pricing

The Echelon Row-s, being the premium model, comes with a higher price tag. As of the time of writing, it is available for approximately $1,640.

Echelon Row Pricing

The Echelon Row is the more budget-friendly option, priced at around $1,000.

These prices were current at the time of publication – check the most up-to-date pricing below:

Row-s vs Row: Deciding Which Echelon is Best for You

When deciding between the Echelon Row and the Row-s, you need to take into account your individual preferences, workout habits, and budget. Both models offer a compelling suite of features, but there are a few key differences to consider:

  • Dedicated Screen vs Bring Your Own Device: The Row-s model comes with a 22″ HD screen that can swivel 180 degrees, making it an excellent choice if you want a fully integrated, immersive experience. On the other hand, the Echelon Row features an adjustable tablet holder, making it perfect for those who already have a tablet or smartphone and prefer a more budget-friendly option.
  • Scenic Workouts: The Row-s offers the added benefit of scenic workouts, allowing you to virtually row in various locations around the world for an immersive exercise experience. If this feature appeals to you, the Row-s would be your best choice.
  • Budget: The Echelon Row-s, with its extra features, comes with a higher price tag compared to the Echelon Row. If you’re budget-conscious but still want access to the Echelon ecosystem of live and on-demand classes, the Echelon Row would be a great fit.
  • Space Constraints: Both models are similar in size and foldable for storage. Therefore, they equally fit the bill if space is a concern.

To sum it up, if you want the full, immersive experience with a dedicated screen and the option of scenic workouts, and are willing to invest a bit more, the Echelon Row-s is for you.

However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option and are comfortable using your own device, the Echelon Row will serve you well.

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Either way, you’ll be getting a high-quality rowing machine that delivers a comprehensive, connected workout experience.

Echelon Row Pros & Cons

Like any fitness equipment, the Echelon Row and Row-s have their strengths and potential drawbacks. Understanding these will help you decide if these models are right for you.

  • Quality and Durability: Both rowers feature a robust steel frame, providing durability and stability during workouts.
  • Interactive Training: The Echelon Fit app offers a wide range of live and on-demand classes, creating a more engaging and varied workout experience.
  • Quiet and Smooth: The magnetic resistance system ensures a quiet and smooth rowing motion.
  • Foldable Design: Both models can easily be folded and transported on built-in wheels for easy storage.
  • Adjustable Resistance: With 32 levels of magnetic resistance, users of all fitness levels can customize their workout intensity.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic handles, adjustable footplates, and a padded seat enhance user comfort during intense workouts.
  • Connectivity: The rowers' integration with the Echelon Fit app enables tracking of workout data, adding a competitive element and facilitating progress monitoring.
  • Off-Rower Workouts: The Echelon Fit app also provides access to off-rower workouts, such as yoga, Pilates, and strength training, making the rowers a comprehensive fitness solution.
  • Subscription Required for Full Functionality: To take advantage of the live and on-demand classes, a monthly subscription to the Echelon Fit app is required. This could be a drawback for those not interested in ongoing fees.
  • No Screen on the Echelon Row: While the Echelon Row is more affordable, it does not come with a screen. Users need to provide their own tablet or smartphone to use the Echelon Fit app.
  • Scenic Workouts Only on Row-s: The scenic workouts feature is exclusive to the Row-s model. If this is a key selling point for you, it might be worth considering the higher-priced model.
  • Size: Despite the foldable design, these are still fairly large machines when in use. Ensure you have enough space in your home for comfortable use.

By considering these pros and cons, you can make a more informed decision about whether the Echelon Row or Row-s is the right fit for your fitness needs and lifestyle.

What Echelon Row Customers are Saying

Customers have praised the Echelon rowers for their smooth operation, robust features, and overall value.

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The live and on-demand classes seem to be a hit among users, with many appreciating the wide range of workouts available. Some users have expressed frustration with needing a subscription to access most features, but overall, the sentiment seems to be positive.

Here are some verified reviews from several Echelon customers…

“Excellent machine for a better price than peloton rower. I use it almost everyday and love how smooth the seat glides.”

“I love my Echelon Rower! This has been the purchase that I feel has really lead me to getting my physical fitness back on track! Love it! Michael Browne rocks as an instructor too.”

“GREAT Foundation for Newbies! The first time I was on a rower was when I signed up for OrangeTheory. However, I never felt like I actually knew what I was doing and was getting pains even after I had asked for the coach’s help. The Echelon rower has allowed me to quit OrangeTheory, save time and money, all while giving my better form on the rower. I love how many different classes there are for every level rower. I now look forward to using my rower and getting a better exercise.”

Echelon Row Connected Workout Overview

selecting workouts on the Echelon Row-s

The connected workout experience is one of the most appealing features of the Echelon Row and Row-s.

Echelon’s connected ecosystem is driven by the Echelon Fit app, which offers a wide range of live and on-demand classes. Here’s an in-depth overview of what the connected workout experience entails:

  • Live and On-Demand Classes: Echelon offers thousands of live and on-demand classes. You can choose from a variety of workout types that cater to different fitness levels and goals. Whether you’re a beginner just starting your fitness journey or an advanced athlete looking for a challenge, there’s something for everyone.
  • Professional Instructors: Classes are led by professional instructors who guide you through every workout, providing motivation and instruction to help you get the most out of each session.
  • Compete and Connect: The app allows you to compete with others in real-time, adding a competitive element that can motivate you to push harder. You can also connect with friends, making your workouts a more social experience.
  • Track Progress: The Echelon Fit app also tracks your workout data and progress. You can monitor your heart rate, distance, resistance, and calories burned, allowing you to see your progress over time and stay motivated.
  • Scenic Workouts (Row-s only): Exclusive to the Row-s model, scenic workouts let you virtually row in various locations around the world for an immersive experience.
  • Off-Rower Workouts: The app also provides access to off-rower workouts, including yoga, Pilates, strength training, and more. This makes the Echelon rowers a comprehensive fitness solution, not just a rowing machine.

This connected workout experience ensures that each session is engaging and varied, helping to prevent workout monotony and keep you motivated on your fitness journey.

Whether you’re looking for structured workouts or the freedom to explore new challenges, the Echelon connected experience has you covered.

My Tips for Getting the Most from Your Echelon Row

a woman works out off the rower

To help you get the most out of your Echelon Row or Row-s, I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips based on my own experience and expertise:

  1. Diversify Your Workouts: With access to thousands of on-demand and live classes, there’s no reason to limit yourself to a single type of workout. Trying different workouts can keep your routine fresh and engaging.
  2. Utilize the App: The Echelon Fit app is a powerful tool, packed with features designed to enhance your workout experience. Make sure to explore all of its features, such as progress tracking and competitive elements.
  3. Maintain Correct Form: While rowing, it’s important to maintain the correct form to prevent injury and maximize the effectiveness of your workouts. Be mindful of your posture, ensure you’re using the correct pulling technique, and adjust your footplates and seat to suit your body.
  4. Start Gradually: If you’re new to rowing, start with low resistance and short workouts. As you build strength and endurance, gradually increase your resistance levels and workout duration.
  5. Set Goals: Setting fitness goals can be a powerful motivator. Whether it’s reaching a certain distance, burning a specific number of calories, or simply working out a certain number of times per week, having a goal can give your workouts purpose and direction.
  6. Off-Rower Exercises: Don’t forget about off-rower exercises. The Echelon Row-s’s swivel screen is perfect for following along with strength training, yoga, Pilates, and other off-rower workouts.
  7. Routine Maintenance: Regular maintenance can extend the life of your Echelon Row. Clean the rail regularly, tighten any loose bolts, and regularly check the strap and seat for any signs of wear and tear.
  8. Stay Hydrated: Always have a bottle of water handy during your workouts. Staying hydrated is crucial for optimal performance and recovery.

By following these tips, you can optimize your workout experience and get the most out of your Echelon Row.

Folding and Storage

echelon row folding storage

One of the key selling points of the Echelon Row and Row-s is their compact and foldable design, which makes storage a breeze.

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Here are some details on how you can fold and store these rowers:

Folding the Echelon Row and Row-s:

  • Ensure that the rower is switched off and disconnected from any power source.
  • Lower the screen/tablet holder to avoid any accidental damage.
  • Release the locking mechanism located at the base of the rower. The specifics of this might vary between models, but it typically involves pulling a knob or latch.
  • Once the locking mechanism is released, you can lift the rail section of the rower until it’s vertical. The machine is designed to balance in this position.
  • Always ensure the rower is stable before leaving it unattended.

Storing the Echelon Row and Row-s:

  • With the rower folded, it takes up significantly less floor space, making it ideal for storage in smaller homes or apartments.
  • The rower also features built-in wheels at the base, making it easy to move the folded machine to a storage location. It’s simply a case of gently tipping the rower onto the wheels and pushing or pulling it to where you want it stored.
  • When choosing a storage location, consider a place where the rower won’t be exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture, as these conditions could potentially damage the machine.
  • When stored, the dimensions are considerably smaller than when in use. The exact dimensions can be found in the “Size and Specs” section of this review.

Thanks to the folding design and transport wheels, both the Echelon Row and Row-s can easily be stored away when not in use, making them a perfect fit for homes where space is a premium.

Size and Specs

The Echelon Row and Row-s are similar in size, measuring approximately 86″ long and 20″ wide when unfolded. The Row-s is slightly taller due to the screen. Both machines have a maximum user weight of 300lbs.

Assembling Your Echelon Row

The Echelon Row comes partially assembled, with clear instructions to guide you through the rest of the process. The assembly is straightforward and can be completed within an hour.

Final Verdict

The Echelon Row and Row-s are robust, feature-packed rowing machines that offer a comprehensive, connected workout experience. They’re comfortable, durable, and versatile, suitable for beginners and seasoned rowers alike. While the subscription requirement and pricing might be a drawback for some, the value offered by the features and workout experience make these rowers a worthy investment for most.

Echelon Row FAQs

How Good is Echelon Rower?

The Echelon Rower is a high-quality piece of fitness equipment. It offers a comprehensive workout experience with a variety of live and on-demand classes. The rower is also well-constructed and comfortable to use.

Does Echelon Row Workout Without a Subscription?

While the Echelon Row can technically be used without a subscription, many of its key features, including the live and on-demand classes, require a subscription to the Echelon Fit app.

Can I Watch Netflix on an Echelon Rower?

The Echelon Row-s comes with a 22” HD screen, but it does not support third-party apps like Netflix. The Echelon Row requires you to use your own device, which could potentially be used to stream Netflix.

Is Echelon a Knock off?

Echelon is not a knockoff brand. They are a reputable fitness company known for their range of connected fitness equipment. While their products are often compared to those of other popular fitness brands, they stand on their own in terms of quality and features.